"The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime & the punishment of his guilt" - John Philpot Curran

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LibertyRoll is a private social network for grassroots activists to connect, share & organize.

Join hundreds of other hardcore activists spanning the entire United States and turn online connections into real world activism.

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Profile & Social Lounge

We offer many of the same opportunities as some of the more popular social media platforms but we provide them with much more consideration of your privacy and security.

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Online Forum

Grassroots activists nationwide are encouraged to participate in our private forum. Members are able to share on the ground efforts and collaborate with other members within the LibertyRoll community.

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Nationwide Events

Choose to post or participate in any of our public activism events or organizational meetings. Anyone can read these posts, but only registered LibertyRoll members can post and share those events.

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Become a Member

All pro-liberty grassroots activists are welcome to register for LibertyRoll regardless of party affiliation. This community is built on real-life friendships through on-the-ground activism to help cultivate the liberty message.

Member Roll Call Blog

Maine Bound: RNC Ties That Bind

FLASHBACK: August 28th 2012 Tampa, Florida: The following transcript is from a meeting of the RNC Rules Committee that took place on the 2nd day of the 2012 Republican National Convention prior to the now infamous […]

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LibertyRoll Resolution Denouncing NSA Spying Adopted By RNC Today!

LibertyRoll.com is thrilled to announce that our RNC Sponsored Resolution to Renounce the National Security Agency’s Unconstitutional Surveillance Program has just been adopted by the RNC.
Authored by LibertyRoll Founder and Grassroots Activist Bryan Daugherty from Maine, the Resolution was presented […]

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Resolution Rebuking Unconstitutional Surveillance Program Heading Back To RNC

This week at the RNC Winter meeting in Washington, D.C., the 8-member Committee on Resolutions will once again take up the issue of NSA Surveillance programs with at least two resolutions being presented.

“I intend to continue the fight to restore […]

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RNC Party Elite set to consolidate power at Winter meeting

This week RNC representatives from across the Country will once again convene to make some course-changing decisions on the 2016 Republican Presidential Nominating process.
These new rule changes, which were released in a vague email to RNC members are possible due to […]

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Buy Buy! or Bye Bye? US Debt and the Threat from Within.

Ok, I have written a few articles now on some basic economics but I must disclose that I am not an economist.  I am CURIOUS about economics and would consider myself a hobbyist of economics.  But, even as a hobbyist, […]

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